Monday, February 5, 2007

One day in my week-end

On a fine sunday noon we decided to visit Bannerghatta National Park, 20KM drive from Bangalore. We went there in a bus though ;-)

The entire visit to the zoo went the same way as any other zoo-visit goes. Nothing peculiar except that we skipped lunch, ate some junk food and had eveing snacks in a near-by restaurant. In our return journey we took a private city-bus, which seemed to be ready to start. But, we guessed it right. It started off only after it is jam-packed. Now the fun started. Not for us. The fun started for a 15-16 year old boy. He started driving the bus rashly with around 50-60 passengers in bait, rashly cutting turns and just sparing/missing the passers-by from an accident.

I was shocked to see this and went to warn the actual driver who is sitting by the side and watching the fun. My comments and warnings found a small tunnel with both his ears at the two ends. Even the conductor ignored me. I asked, "Who gave him license to drive?" and he said, "Owner gave him the license". I wonder he has mistaken license to the word permission. :-/ It seemed more dangerous/fatal to me as the child-driver started looking at me while driving. This may be another fantasy of him. So, I immmediately stopped arguing and sat silently in my seat.

But thoughts are running through my mind, envisaging that I got the owner and this careless driver punished along with warning to the boy. I hoped that the drivers will exchange when we enter into the city traffic. But they didn't!!!

I got down at BTM stop while my friends headed to go 4 more stages ahead. I thought for a while, when I saw a Traffic Police Station near-by. "Will there be any use complaining about this?", I thought. Then I decided to do the best I can. Went ahead and talked with a traffic police standing outside.

Me: Excuse me sir, what is the minimum age limit for driving a heavy vehicle like truck, bus etc., ..?

Traffic Police: For 2-wheelers its 18 years and for heavy vehicles it is 20 years. Why are you asking this?

Me: While returning from Bannerghatta National Park we took a private bus. Surprisingly, a 15-16 year old boy is driving the bus while 25 year old driver is watching the fun. They were literally playing with lives of 50-60 people travelling in the bus. Unfortunately, none of them complains!!! I argued with them but there's no use. They informed me that their owner has given permission for the kid to drive.

He took my complaint on a lighter note and he too *condemned* their act. He casually told the matter to another traffic police who took it seriously.

TP: Really..? Where is the bus? Where is he? Tell me the details.

I don't have the details. So, I called my friend Aditya who is still travelling in the bus. He told me that it is "G.V.N.Travels" bus and there is no number visible inside the bus. He don't know all this complaint stuff, so he asked the conductor about bus number. The conductor gave away the bus number without much thought. So, I gave the police the following details.
G.V.N.Travels, BusNo:SomeX, crossed Nimhans, 10th cross stops and heading towards Lalbagh.

This information is immediately sent to Traffic control room and they broadcasted it to all traffic police. They tracked down the bus and stopped it near Lalbagh. I came to know from my frineds that the bus has been stopped and a case is registered against the owner. All passengers are delegated to another private bus (I hope that bus is driven by an adult qualified and experienced driver). My friend suspected that I have done something and he called me back. Asked me, "What happenned?" I told them the story in brief and they immediately escaped from that place before they come to know that someone complained. Because as soon as they know that, they would suspect Aditya for informing the bus number.

Whether they suspected Aditya or not, they surely would have remembered me arguing with them to change the driver. The tall guy in black dress and an iPod, bothering them with rules and regulations may have passed across their minds atleast for a sec.

After the entire operation, the traffic police did not forget to acknowledge me for the concern and social responsibility I have shown. They also gave me traffic control room phone number and encouraged me to call them up when such traffic-violations happen.

That made my day.

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hey it was a gr8 job.keep up with this..