Monday, November 26, 2007

DAREd for an iPod Nano

There was a funny competition in our office for a whole week. A panel of judges listed some really weird and challenging tasks that we hesitate to do in our office. Starting from Monday we have to do those tasks to accumulate the points towards Friday EOD when the competition concludes.

Tasks list:
1. For guys - Wear dhoti for a day. For girls - Saree and 2 pony tails.
2. Attend the reception calls for 30 minutes during peak period (2 p.m. to 3 p.m. OR 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.)
3. Two nursery rhymes on table (between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
4. Cover distance from one end of the office to the other end without keeping a foot on the floor
5. Create a collage of nostalgic photographs in the cafeteria (at least 10 photographs)
6. Dress up like Dumbledore/Santa Claus. And distribute chocolates around in the office.
7. Put some really loud Telugu/Tamil song at around 5 p.m. and dance to it.
8. Wear a pair of shoes around your neck and walk around in the office
9. Kissing the wall with red lipstick applied (5 kisses per person)
10. Count the number of lights in the office 'aloud' (to be done around 3 in the afternoon)
11. Make a railway announcement on the public address system (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
12. Wear shirt & tie - both ulta (not inside out) for a day. Buttons and tie on your back.
13. Sing on the public address system (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
14. Participate in cooking dosas or something else at snacks (at least 15 mins) in the cafeteria
15. Photos with all couples in office
16. Get a white T-shirt signed by everyone from Versata. The more the better.
17. Bring bucket to office instead of bag.
18. Tell a short story in the cafeteria to everyone present at lunch time.
19. Send an icq/mail broadcast from someone's machine which has been left unlocked or u can even crack someone's password
20. Wear a mask for a whole day
21. Walk from cubicle to cafeteria blindfold (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
22. Hand wrestle with KG (who does daily work-outs)
23. Decorate ur cubicle for a day
24. Come from head to foot in same color dress.
25. Present a personally hand-made greeting card to the person you like most in office.
26. Write a poem about someone around in the office and stick it on the collage board in the cafeteria.
27. Wear a bandana around the head for a day.
28. Have a soft toy (minimum 1 feet tall) tied to your back for a day.
29. Stick an A4 size paper saying "I belong to " on your back for a day.
30. Eat one box of cheese-balls/lays (half box for girls)

After doing a minimum of 5 tasks, you will start getting hidden tasks which are more difficult, but can earn you handsome points. You will get next hidden task only after completing the current one. If you deny to do any hidden task, your points will be halved. (That's really bad thing that can happen to you especially when you are leading)

My trails...

Day1 and Day2:
I was busy with work as we had a release on Tuesday.

Day 3:
I have started on Day3 (Wednesday) doing 20 tasks on the same day to become the topper. I earned half of my winning score on the Day3. I wore my shirt and tie ULTA, had a toy hanging on my back, a poster on my back saying "I belong to FinServ" and wearing a hanky as head band. I did whatever task I can to accumulate to become topper in a single day. I bought a dhoti but don't know how to wear it, so couldn't. Got my first hidden task by EOD and I started planning to do it. I told rhymes standing on a table, gave a railway announcement and sang a song on Public address system. I also did great wall of kisses, blindfold walk to cafateria, attending reception calls and told a story in cafetaria at lunch time. For crossing the office without touching the floor, I used my skateboard ;-)

Hidden task#1: Talk to Head of Versata, India as a credit card guy and hold him on the talk for atleast 2 minutes without him hanging-up and not even recognizing that this is a fake call.

Day 4:
Went to temple and got Pujari to teach me how to wear a dhoti. He taught we well and its amazing. I loved wearing it. From the temple, I went to office on my bike wearing that dhoti. No one actually cared because they may have thought that I am a temple poojari or an ISKON devoutee. I enjoyed the whole day. I roamed in the office a lot unlike the other guys who wore a dhoti but confined themselves to their cubicles. I wore a white shirt on my white dhoti and hence did "Wear a dhoti" and "Wear same color dress from top to bottom" together. I made a spectacles like mask with a piece of *white* paper and wore that too.

Completed Hidden Task#1 successfully: Called the manager and said
I am Mr.XYZ, customer relations manager of so-and-so bank and would like to talk to you for a couple of minutes about an important matter. There is a major transaction of Rs.89,999/- on your card on so-and-so date at so-and-so time from a jewelery shop in Bangalore. However, the signature did not match with our records. So, we are calling you *just* for confirmation. If you haven't done this transaction then there could be a problem. Please note down the transaction number sir... its 00417024111. We are also providing insurance against such credit card frauds. Would you like to know the details sir?
He said, "Your voice is breaking, can you call me on my land line?" (maybe to check whether I know the landline number or not) The judges signaled me that I have crossed 2 minutes and I politely hung-up. Later when we went to meet him to apologize he is waiting for a call on his landline ;-)
I am still at the top-most position with a lead of around 90 points.

Hidden Task#2: My next task is the best one that I would *love* to do. Give roses to all the girls in the office.

Day 5:
Bought a bouquet of roses and went to office. Waiting till most of them are in office and started the task. Kneel down and say "Here's a beautiful flower for you". They know that this could be one of the fun tasks, but they weren't sure. But how can they deny a flower from me ;-) I took a couple of photographs with the girls I like. Then I dressed up like Santa and distributed chocolates and gifts in the office saying "You have been good this year, take a gift and some chocolates. Be a better person this year, I shall give you a car next year" until I ran out of all goodies.

Hidden Task#3: Take a group photograph with *all the managers and girls* in the office.
I have invited all managers and girls to the reception for a group-snap at a scheduled time. Gladly they all agreed, gladly. I had a snap and then started thinking... Should I go for the next task? What if its a difficult and non-doable one? There's a danger of reducing my own points to half and sliding down the points list. Still, I dared... as the theme of our contest is "DARR or DARE".

Hiddent Task#4: Build a monument atleast 2-feet high, within 45 minutes with any material available to you.
I got 2 decks of cards and started building a castle with paper cups. A fencing wall with paper t-cups and the palace is with the playing cards. I made the palace durable by sticking each and every card/brick with cellotape. To demonstrate its strength I made it an inverted triangle. Others also built monuments with chairs and dust-bins... so what's special about mine? I quickly removed one of the foundation cups and placed my mobile there. I ensured that its not in vibration mode and covered it up with some cards. Then came the judges asking to explain what I built. Here is how my explanation went...
I have built "The VU's Castle" with paper cups from the pantry and some playing cards. Here is the king and queen sitting on top of their palace. The palace is built-up of playing cards, but its not a touch-and-kind. Yes, you can touch it. You can even lift it up like this... (I have lifted the palace made up of playing cards and the judges are waaaawed); Unlike other monuments, this is not a dumb castle. It can play sweet music. (I gave a call to my mobile and its sweet ringtone started. The judges started searching where the music is coming from?) And so we call it a "SINGING CASTLE".

I was much ahead of others the day before but... at the end it was neck-to-neck.
Ashish, my trainer/manager through-out the event needs a special mention here. Due to his encouragement I did more and more tasks and I think each and every point helped me in winning as I had only a narrow 3-point lead at the end. Thanks buddy.

Kudos to all the enthusiasm our colleagues have shown to make this kind-of scores in the Scorecard.

Finally, I topped by getting 908 points. Other contestants were pretty close, Gen (our HR) and Santhosh (my VU buddy) at 905 points each; Mani at 898 points. There is lot of fun in the office for the whole week. I used to do all this stuff all day and then finish my day work over the night. The gift and outcome of the competition is more than worth of those efforts.

Hats-off to the judges for the spirit and love for fun. Thanks to all my colleagues for their wonderful co-operation and support.