Sunday, December 13, 2009

US Vs us

We CLICK a button, they PUSH it.
We travel in KILOMETERS, they travel in MILES.
We spend a currency NOTE, they spend dollar BILL.
After eating we ask for BILL, they ask for CHECK.
We travel on LEFT side of the road, they travel on RIGHT.
We rarely drive SILENT, they rarely HONK.
We say 11/9, they say 9/11. [Interestingly, the twin towers were attacked on 9/11, which is emergency rescue contact number there]
We press the switch DOWN to switch it on, they press it UP.


Unknown said...

బాగుంది కాని, దీని టైట్‌ల్ "U.S. vs us" అని పెడితే బాగుండేది..మీరు చెప్పిన రూల్సు West అంతకీ వర్తించవు.

Ravi Kumar Mandala said...

Thanks for the suggestion. You are right I generalized it too much while selecting the title for the post. Now, its changed.