Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's news papers and paid journalism

I am absolutely disgusted seeing last Saturday's Times Of India news paper. The space was so exploited for advertisements that there were 3 pages of ads for each page with news (It was 48:16 approximately). It's basically around 75% of space in advertisements. Needless to talk about "Bangalore Times" edition, which is even more worse. This on top of certain articles which appear to be news but are actually paid articles makes it lot worse than readers paying for pamphlets/hand-outs distributed on the road.

Here's Citizens Jain report in New Yorker on Times Of India. Why India’s newspaper industry is thriving.

Shame on Jain brothers for erasing the border between actual news and paid articles. I have seen this causing a lot of people falling for get-rich-quick schemes like the ongoing EMU birds craze which is a complete SCAM.
THE HINDU article: The rise and fall of EMU farming (August 12 2012)

I wonder why are people even buying/subscribing-to such a paper making it an English-language newspaper with largest circulation in the world!!!

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